Prof. Magda Konarska

Leader of the Laboratory of RNA Biology

RNA biochemist, interested in dynamic rearrangements of RNA in macromolecular machines. Known for her work on the mechanism of pre-mRNA splicing. Currently, she uses yeast genetics as a tool to formulate mechanistic models of the spliceosome function.

After a PhD (with Witold Filipowicz) at IBB, Warsaw and a post-doc (with Phillip A. Sharp) at the Center for Cancer Research at MIT, Cambridge, USA, Magda Konarska set up her own laboratory at the Rockefeller University in New York, USA. After over 30 years abroad, she moved back to Warsaw: first to CeNT, University of Warsaw, and from 2021, to the newly created IMol, Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, where she is a Deputy Director for Science and Professor.